Yarm, North Yorkshire

High Church Wynd, Yarm
High Church Wynd, Yarm

The parish of Yarm covers 1,229 acres, of which 301 are arable land, 606 permanent grass, and 42 woods and plantations. The soil is clay and loam with a subsoil of Keuper marls, and the chief crops are wheat, oats and beans. The parish is bounded on the west and north by the Tees, while part of the north and the whole of the eastern boundary is formed by its tributary the Leven. The ground slopes upwards from the river banks to the centre of the parish, the greatest height being 122 ft. above ordnance datum.

A sharp bend of the Tees forms a peninsula a little over half a mile long and for the most part a quarter of a mile wide. It is on this that the town is built on ground no where exceeding 25 ft. above ordnance datum. The town has frequently suffered from floods, those of 1753, 1771 and 1881 being especially disastrous.

From: ‘Parishes: Yarm’, A History of the County of York North Riding: Volume 2 (1923), pp. 319-326.


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    • Hiya, yes and if were not for the traffic and modern shops one would think they had stepped back in time to the 18th century.

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